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You have the legal right to have your final wishes carried out, and to make sure your loved ones aren't left with administrative headaches. Attorney Thomas E. Lawrence II has the experience to help you design an estate plan that fits your needs and circumstances.

Of course nobody wants to think about death, but prudent planning for the inevitable is the most loving thing you can do, rather than leaving your grieving family to face the arduous task of sorting out your estate in probate.

The most considerate

thing you can do

- Wills

- Trusts

- Powers of attorney

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Estate Planning and Probate


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Last will document Signing trust fund papers

- Trust funds for minor children

- Special-needs trusts for

  disabled loved ones

- Living trusts

- Revocable and irrevocable trusts

- Charitable trusts

Provide for the future

through trusts

- Beneficiary designation

- Avoiding probate

- Property ownership

- Powers of attorney

- Reducing estate taxes

- Transferring a business

Cover every aspect